Artisan Drinks

For the YCN Student Awards of 2018/19, we were tasked to create an outstanding brand campaign to drive sales for the premium range of Artisan Drinks. Within the best bars, hotels and restaurants within the UK and Australia.


The final concept for this campaign was to create a fresh and bold theme that reflects not only the unique direction of Artisan Drinks, but to its young and exciting audience. The main slogan of ‘Why blend in when you can stand out’ is the core for the advertisements and allows for the viewer to imagine a story and narrative in each example.

The #STANDOUT campaign encourages the audience to be themselves and to embrace colour in a dull and busy urban lifestyle. This was achieved by Artisan Drinks creating a range of vibrant socks that would help the user stand out, and for them to share it on social media for more benefits and courtesy drinks from Artisan Drinks.

YCN awarded me a winning commendation for my Artisan Drinks campaign, and further invited me to their annual ceremony at Toynbee Hall, London, to receive the YCN New Now award.