Nunhead FC

East of Peckham Rye, in the industrial South-East London, lays the area of Nunhead. Within its rich history was a short-lived but loved football team, that once battled against club giants such as Tottenham and Watford. Although ceasing in 1941, Nunhead FC’s legend has since been reborn by help from passionate fans and residents in its area.


I teamed up with Nunhead FC to illustrate a limited-edition print to raise money for the local Westminster House Youth Club, where my grandfather and many family friends attended whilst growing up In Nunhead.


Throughout the pandemic, the club has overcome logistical challenges to continue supporting the young people of Peckham, whilst also co-ordinating food deliveries for many of Nunhead’s elderly residents.

£800 of proceeds from the sales of the limited-edition print have been donated to Westminster House Youth Club, to help any effort in the area and keep the club going for another 70 years.

Inspired by antique cigarette card illustrations and the rapidly evolving Art Deco styling.


These posters join together the traditions of Nunhead FC and its aesthetic during the club’s heyday. But also combine itself with a polished and modern feel, to further bring the club up to speed with the twenty-first century.