YULA Energy Drinks

For a D&AD Brief, we were tasked to create a copy-led campaign for YULA’s key markets, Belgium and Spain, that speaks to 18-28 year olds. For this campaign, we wanted the core themes and selling points that YULA offers to be obvious to the audience. 


Due to the drink range being from natural ingredients and 100% plant based. Including with the brands commitment to planting 250,000 trees in the Amazon by 2021, we decided to create a vibrant, fresh campaign that would casually talk to its audience.

Our main goal with the campaign was to show the similarities that a can of YULA equals to a tree being planted and saving the planet. 

We achieved this by demonstrating strong guerrilla style advertisements that would consist of the drinks cans being wrapped around a tree in urban areas. Along with the campaign pushing the viewer to substitute their commute, from a polluted mode of transport to a climate friendly example such as urban bicycles.

Cans from the drinks range will be wrapped around a tree in various streets and urban areas. With an accommodating copy which raises its awareness to the viewer of the efforts that YULA is helping the environment. This example also encourages the viewer that for every drink they purchase, a tree will be planted in the Amazon. Further allowing the viewer to feel they are contributing to the world they live in.